WuFuyuan Tapioca Pearl for bubble tea

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WuFuyuan Instant Pearl Black Sugar Flavor 210g


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Minimum quantity for "WuFuyuan Instant Pearl Black Sugar Flavor 210g" is 2.

Brand: Wufuyuan
Product: Instant Pearl
Weight Net: 210 g
Made in : China

corn Starch, hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate , starch acetate, caramel, guar gum, water , aspartame, ,sodium diacetate, potassium sorbate,artificial flavor


Cooking Instructions:

1. Add pearls into cup
2. fill 7 serving of nearly boiling water for every 1 serving of pearl and stir lightly
3. cover cup and wait for 2 minutes

Serving Tips:

1. Tapioca pearl is delicious served hot or cold. Serve with sweet soups, milk tea, coffee, jelly , etc.
2. Tapioca pearl may become hard if not consumed after cooking. Add hot water or microwave 2 minutes to soften the tapioca pearl.