Mirana Yam Bean Tuber Seeds

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Mirana Yam Bean Tuber Seeds

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Product Name: Yam Bean Tuber
Other Name: Pachyrrhizus Erosus ,Sa Got, Jicama.

A hightwining annual produce many mauve flowers make an attractive ornamental.Each plant forms a single swollen sweat root tuber in sandy color skin. Tuberskin are not edible;seeds,leaves & old pods are toxin, not for eating. Tuber can be eaten raw or cooked. Blend well with any flavour such as salty,sour,bitter & pungent.

Growing Guide

Sow: Prefer light sandy soil.Sow seeds in spring,3-4cm deep,20cm between plants,and 30cm between rows.
  Don't over-water plants,thin creepers&axillaries for better &bigger tubers.
Harvest: : Start harvest tubers from 5-6 months onwards;best left tubers in ground till needed.
Suitable temperature: 20 Degress Celsius upward
Hint To avoid lower germination rate, please store the sealed packet in a cool, dark & dry pace and plant the seeds as soon as possible


Above Picture on this packet is a general guide only.
Due to different countries of origin and cultivar, the end product minght not be excactly the same.