Double Rings Water Chestnut Starch

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Double Rings Water Chestnut Starch


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Brand: Double Rings
Product: Super Bantang Water Chestnut Starch
Other Name: Water Chestnut Flour, Waterchestnut Flour, Water Chestnut Powder
Weight Net: 250g
Made In: China

Water Chestnut

Method for Water Chestnut Cake

Ingredient: Water Chestnut Starch: 250 gram, dark Brown Sugar: 500 gram, Water: 1350mL (about 4 Rice Bowls).

1) In a large bowl, mix the water chestnut starch into 500mL of water, working in a little at a time, make sure all the starch was dissolved

2) Boil 850mL of water in a large pot, add brown sugar until it was dissolved. Cool down the syrup for 10 minutes and pour the water chestnut liquid, keep stiring while pouring until it becomes to a medium cooked conditions.

3) Pour the mixture into a cake pan and steam for 25 minutes, cool down the water chestnut cake.

4) Can be served hot or cold (for hot serve, fry each slice of water chestnut cake for 30 seconds on each side).



Nutrition Information
Servings per package: 3.2
Serving size: 80g

Quantity per Serving
Quantity per 100mL
1109 KJ
1387 KJ

Less than 1g

Less than 1g
Less than 1g
Less than 1g

Carbohydrate -Total

69 g
87 g
Less than 1g
Less than 1g
70 mg
88 mg
6 mg
8 mg