Mirana Basil Seeds (Purple Flower) - Ocimum Basilicum

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Mirana Basil Seeds (Purple Flower) - Ocimum Basilicum

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Product Name: Basil (Purple Flower)
Other Name: Ocimum Basilicum

Annual tropical herb. Aromatic with flavour of cloves.Dark green leaves with purple flower and stem. High nutritiou, promote good appetite & blood circulation. Excellent in omelette and soups.

Growing Guide

Sow: Seeds germinate in 6-8days.Transplant to permanate bed when 3-5leaves shoot out.Space 20-40cm between plants.
  Fertilize regularly
Harvest: : 45- 60 days
Suitable temperature: 20 - 35 Degress Celsius
Hint To avoid lower germination rate, please store the sealed packet in a cool, dark & dry pace and plant the seeds as soon as possible



Above Picture on this packet is a general guide only.
Due to different countries of origin and cultivar, the end product minght not be excactly the same.