Brassica Alboglabra Seeds

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Mirana Brassica Alboglabra - Chinese Broccoli Seeds

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Product Name: Chinese Broccoli
Other Name: Brassica Alboglabra, Karl Lan, Kai Lan

An annual with thick green leaves and stem. The whole plant is edible with adorable favour.
High in Calcium, Iron, Vitamin A,C and other minerals.

Growing Advice

Sow: Manure vegetable bed few days before sowing. Sow seeds in line 2 cm apart and firm down soil.Thin lseedlings when 8 -10 cm tall to 15 cm apart..
  Use thinnings for food. Good watering needed.
  Fertilize regularly 3 weeks after sowing.
Maturity: 30 - 40 days.Suitable for all kinds of soil.
Hint To avoid lower germination rate, please store the sealed packet in a cool, dark & dry pace and plant the seeds as soon as possible


Above Picture on this packet is a general guide only.
Due to different countries of origin and cultivar, the end product minght not be excactly the same.